Let's Talk About Your Butt!!

Jan 24, 2020


Let's talk glutes for a second.

The gluteal muscle group consists of the gluteus maximus, minimus and medius. All 3 of these muscles have different, yet very integrated roles in lower body in relation to stability and mobility. In summary the gluteal muscles as a whole are responsible for:

  • Hip extension....think take off phase in running, the downstroke and bottom stroke phase of the pedal stroke, the kick in your swimming
  • Hip abduction external rotation and internal rotation of the hip. They are important for Femoral, patella and tibial alignment..think correct leg tracking in every sport
  • Stabilizing the lower back and sacroiliac joint via its attachment into the thoracolumbar fascia - think pelvic stability when cycling, running and swimming.

In summary - strong functional glutes are vital for optimum power production in swimming, cycling and running. Therefore, it is vital that the hip flexors are lengthened so that the glutes can do their...

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Release Your Tight Shoulders And Improve Your Performance

Jan 21, 2020

Pilates for Sports:

  • Teaches you the correct ‘shoulders down position’
  • Is designed to stretch the chest and strengthen the upper back so that your shoulders are strong and balanced - increases flexibility
  • Improves your arm stroke when you swim
  • Delivers a more efficient arm carry when you run
  • Increased shoulder stability and comfort when you ride. 
  • Enables you to hit and throw harder and faster
  • Delivers a better posture for your daily life meaning less aches and pains when you’re sitting at the computer. 


Try the side openings exercise to experience how great it feels to open up the chest.

Start your 7 day free trial now and feel the benefits of strong, balanced shoulders.


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Is Sitting The New Smoking??

Dec 13, 2019

Strong statement but lack of glute strength caused by too much sitting leads to so many problems!!

There are 2 main causes of hip flexor dominance in cyclists. The first is poor technique and the second is lifestyle. Lets look at these in more detail

For many cyclists their sole focus when pedaling is to see how much power they can generate in the down stroke phase of their pedal stroke, and it is often the hip flexors that do the majority of the work. However, cycling is a hip extension, knee flexion sport and we all know that the glutes and hamstrings are the major hip extensors of the body, so they need to be working optimally in order to get the most out of your pedal stroke. Interestingly, the importance of the glutes and hamstrings to the pedalstroke is something not known by many cyclists. If the rider is not using their glutes, hamstrings and adductors optimally when pedalling, then the quads and hip flexors can become too large and dominant.

As well as poor technique...

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Press Release - Donation Program to Support USA Triathlon Foundation

Oct 24, 2019

Pilates for Sports Announces Donation Program to Support USA Triathlon Foundation
USA Triathlon partner will donate $10 to Foundation for every monthly program purchased through USA Triathlon or USA Triathlon Foundation channels


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Pilates for Sports, a USA Triathlon corporate partner through 2021, today announced that it will donate $10 to the USA Triathlon Foundation for every individual who purchases a Pilates for Sports monthly program through USA Triathlon- and USA Triathlon Foundation-specific marketing channels.


USA Triathlon announced its partnership with Pilates for Sports in March of 2019. The Australia-based company specializes in online workouts to improve triathlon performance with a combination of Pilates and technical training. Workouts are provided digitally, require no specialized equipment and are suitable for all levels of experience, from first timers to world champions.


All USA Triathlon annual members...

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How Pilates Fixes The Desk Posture

Oct 06, 2019

 We looked last week at the problems you can experience when you have a desk posture. This video highlights how Pilates can help to fix the desk posture giving you a strong, pain free body enabling you to get the best results from your training and from life :)

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How Pilates Can Get Rid Of The Desk Posture And Improve Your Performance

Sep 26, 2019


Let's look at the sedentary lifestyle many people have these days. They spend hours and hours every day sitting at a desk working on a computer. Their shoulders are hunched, rounded and rolled forward. Let's call this "a desk posture". 

In this posture, the muscles in the front of the upper body and the chest are tight and short drawing the shoulders forward. While in the upper back, the muscles are long and weak allowing the shoulders to be drawn forward and the upper back to arch. 
Desk posture has a number of impacts on the athlete:
-it can lead to neck and shoulder issues, tightness in the upper back,
and pain in any of these areas
-Performance wise it will impact their ability to breathe efficiently and therefore not perform at their optimal level.
-it reduces range of motion at the shoulder which impacts swimming stroke and the arm carry in the run
it can also impact stability of the shoulder girdle which leads to loss of power and pain.
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A great stretch to open the chest

Sep 16, 2019

This simple stretch can be done anywhere - even in the Sacred Valley , Peru!! 

It is great to open the chest and help to reverse the desk posture. It is great to do before you swim, play golf or hit a ball as the increased range of motion will enable increased reach and therefore increased power generation. 

I would thoroughly recommend doing this stretch at work if you are hunched over in front of a computer. Try to do it every hour and you'll be able to  sit straighter with your shoulders back and down and as a result your aches and pains in your neck and shoulders will decrease, body will thank you!!

TIP: to get the best stretch through your chest make sure to keep your ribs down (don't let your back go into an arch) as you lift your arms 

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Do you have a desk posture?

Sep 12, 2019

M0mxg8krtue1v0bhqwug ad02b842cb56a5784ede4bd8274400deClick here to watch the video. Then try this test for yourself to see if you have the desk posture

Stand with your back against the wall (feet a foot length away). Can you get the back of your head, back of your shoulders, all of your rib cage and butt against the wall at the same time? Pay close attention - ALL of your rib cage MUST stay on the wall

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Pilates For Sports Partner with Fitter Radio

Aug 05, 2019

If you haven't heard the phenomenon that is Fitter radio, now's your chance to get on board. Hosted by Coach Bevan McKinnon and Nutritionist Mikki Williden. Listen to the latest research, interviews with pro athletes and leading experts to help you improve your sports performance and your health. Each newsletter we will bring you one of our favourite interviews.

Fitter Radio Podcast Episode #242

We talk to Kelly Sheerin of the Running Mechanics Clinic at Auckland University of Technology about the latest research around running shoes. 

In order to reduce the risk of running-related injuries, running shoe manufacturers have added cushioning to shoe soles aimed at reducing impact loading. However, studies show no evidence of reduced running injury rates with increasing amounts of cushioning.

Podcast - listen 

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Pilates for Sports partner with Tri Travel

Aug 05, 2019

Pilates For Sports today announced a new partnership with Tri Travel. 

For over 20 years Tri Travel have shared the dreams and lived the passion of athletes and their supporters. Through seamless travel management that is designed to deliver peak sporting performance, athletes are empowered to achieve their goals.

Using extensive industry knowledge, it is our mission to create an unparalleled life experience for our athletes, to the greatest events in the world. It takes months, even years of preparations, to make it to the start line, and the experts at Tri Travel are the leaders in helping athletes cross the finish line to complete their sporting dreams and visions.

If there's an event you want to get to be sure to give them a call. 



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