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“I’ had a sprint tri yesterday and a couple things stood out. I could tell a difference on the bike if I kept my hips stable. It felt like my legs were kind of detached from my body with less effort required. My run time was over a minute faster than the stand-alone 5k I did 6 weeks ago, and I felt excellent. With the heat and being after a swim and run, I think this was a big improvement. Also I am not feeling any aches or pains today! Thanks for the workouts."

Jeanine Murphy-Morris

Veronica Jackson

"No questions thus far. I have noticed I am now stronger in the swim, bike and run due to a stronger and active core. I am also continuously aware and attempting to maintain a strong powerhouse for each discipline."

Rob Rood 

"It’s going great! Just finished a beast of a ride today of 177 kms and 2400 meters of climbing! It was much easier thanks to the Pilates workouts!! The big ride is in 2 weeks and I feel completely ready. Going to spend the next couple of weeks dialing in the workouts, while I recover from this ride today. Thanks so much!"

Patricia Rosen

"I’m still in recovery mode after the world championship in Utah and my pinched nerve in my neck, but for the bit I’ve been doing it has helped enormously! Mostly it has helped me not be in pain from the cervical radiculopathy. I’ll be back to training on Monday." 

Alexandra Cote

"Practiced force reps (high power, low cadence) using poor form vs good form and the difference between the two was incredible! With the poor form my hips were moving from side to side as mentioned and with my core engaged my hips were essentially stationary. It felt so much smoother. Thank you!!"

Marianne Morrill

"Noticed a marked difference when I am able to keep my core engaged, also noticed that it reduced neck and shoulder stiffness."

Rob Rood 

"I just completed a marathon with a PR and qualified for Boston by 22+ minutes! I'm so happy and I know this program has helped me. I recommend it to all of my running friends--I am a podiatrist, too, and recommend you to my patients as well."

Roger Fiedler

"This has absolutely changed my bike riding. Better posture, less painful areas on long rides and more speed. Also I’m able to sustain a higher speed for longer periods. Particular improvement in climbing. The full pressure on pedal rotation has improved my climbing speed and sustained efforts."

Kim Speed 

"I raced Saturday's 70.3 TRI, in which I placed 1st masters female. I think I had a pr. Most important I was healthy and strong in the core. Thank you."

Shirley Cornelius

"In the one minute sprint, I noticed maybe 10 feet of difference but I tried to use good form in my entire run and boy was there a difference. In my 2 mile run, I went a minute a mile faster and my turnover was a lot faster. I got tired faster too! How can I keep good form and slow it down?"

“In just two months following Pilates for Sports my lower back pain has almost disappeared, and I have developed a stronger and more stable core while increasing my awareness towards correct form when training for triathlon. I already feel more efficient and faster in all three disciplines. I strongly believe this is the best addition to my training routine and can’t wait for the improvements to come in the next months!”
Jose Nieto. Molecular Biology Researcher and San Diego Tri Club Member.

Kurt Benson

"As a professional masters cyclist my low back, hip, and hamstring flexibility is very important. Along with a strong core I’m able to continue competing in the masters cycling ranks with power and speed. Noeleen’s Pilates program is excellent with increasing my flexibility, power, and stability on the bike."

Sue Milford

"Also back to my bush walk of a few weeks ago, I'm very happy to report that we walked nearly 7km over uneven ground with about 100m elevation and had no knee issues. The next day it had a tinge or 2 and was able to climb steps up an observation tower with engaged glutes and no discomfort!"

Nicole Vasil

"Awesome sauce !! When my belly is pulled in I have more power abs stability ! I really need to work on this!"

Jeffrey Schumann

"I’ve completed 15 workouts and it has certainly changed my awareness while swimming biking running and skiing and I think there has been some very modest flexibility improvement too! This is going to take a lot longer than the 1 month trial period."

Patrick Faurer

"I have been thinking about keeping my spine long. I feel like this naturally pulls my stomach in and if I stay relaxed I feel my shoulders drop and my glutes engage as well. I like this technique and I feel like it lets by body work naturally instead of forcing something."

Marianne Morrill

"Did a race this last weekend and had one of my best runs ever off of the bike in part because I focused on keeping my posture in check on the run. Really helps with the breathing for sure."

Sue Milford

"Things are much improved. Glutes are engaging more readily- knee has been pain free for a few weeks now. Will be testing it out with a bushwalk tomorrow. Shoulder has more flexibility no pain but still has a way to go on flex. Did my biggest cycle in last 5 years on Saturday 93km, approx 800 m elevation and altho tired was not in pain and was able to use powerhouse for rapid acceleration and sustained pedalling. Pretty happy all up!"

William Jackson

"I have got  to say that today was one of the first days in a long time I went through my entire day with very minimal back and shoulder pain! I feel my self recorrecting my posture at a higher rate and just feeling more upright and less flexed through out the day! Thank you for everything."

Kathryn Scourby

"I am loving this Pilates challenge. I’ve been needing to this for so long. Very helpful videos that connect the reasoning behind the exercises to running/swimming/biking! Thanks again!!"

"I am learning so much from this challenge! After learning about the 3 pilars of pilates, I went running and had my fastest mile ever! My running has improved tremendously!!!! I will be going for a bike ride today so I'll see if I experience any improvements. THANK YOU!!!!!"
Laura Gonzalez 

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