Let's Talk About Your Butt!!

Jan 23, 2020


Let's talk glutes for a second.

The gluteal muscle group consists of the gluteus maximus, minimus and medius. All 3 of these muscles have different, yet very integrated roles in lower body in relation to stability and mobility. In summary the gluteal muscles as a whole are responsible for:

  • Hip extension....think take off phase in running, the downstroke and bottom stroke phase of the pedal stroke, the kick in your swimming
  • Hip abduction external rotation and internal rotation of the hip. They are important for Femoral, patella and tibial alignment..think correct leg tracking in every sport
  • Stabilizing the lower back and sacroiliac joint via its attachment into the thoracolumbar fascia - think pelvic stability when cycling, running and swimming.

In summary - strong functional glutes are vital for optimum power production in swimming, cycling and running. Therefore, it is vital that the hip flexors are lengthened so that the glutes can do their very important job

Pilates For Sports is designed to strengthen your core so you have stability in your movement. It is also designed to develop strong, balanced muscles around the joints. Try this side kick exercise to bring balance to the hip. Remember to engage your core to stabilise your body (only the leg should move).


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