Good Posture Is The Key

Oct 04, 2022

The key to what? You ask.

“The key to being pain free and performing at your ultimate level”, I say.

How? The answer is simple. 

Good posture means a strong core and balanced muscles around each joint, which enable efficient pain free movement, whilst also reducing your chance of injury.

Poor posture means a weak core and unbalanced muscles which cause unnecessary strain on muscles, resulting in pain and injury.

The Pilates For Sports program is customized to meet your needs. Delivered purely online the program is designed to strengthen your core and develop strong balanced muscles which will reduce your chance of pain and injury, enabling you to perform at your best.

Short 15 minute workouts have been designed to easily fit into the busy training schedule of a triathlete. Try our Free 28-Day Online Challenge to experience the benefits first hand. Click here to join






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