Our Story

Pilates For Sports is the passion of our two co-founders, on a mission to take the benefits of pilates to the sporting community. 

They believe in challenging the very notion of what being fit is, by looking beyond the performance of an athlete. The achievement of a strong and healthy body is the foundation for every person who joins the program.

Pilates with its emphasis on core strength, enables each person to train and perform consistently at a high level, with less fatigue and pain. New goals can be set and PR's achieved, as the athlete pushes through the boundaries.


Working with their first triathlete and helping him become world champion, they became inspired to find a way of bringing this knowledge to as many athletes as possible. In doing so, turn the sporting world on its head, changing the pre-conception of Pilates for not only injury rehab, but also to that of performance improvement.


So the journey began with countless hours spent on researching the movement patterns in sport, with expert assistance from qualified coaches, elite athletes, bio-mechanic specialists and scientific studies from across the globe.  From the outset cycling proved the ideal starting point, with its focus on efficiency and body awareness. Significant gains were found for each participant, once the correct pilates workouts were identified and applied to the athlete’s training regime. 


The challenge was how could this be delivered to a community already struggling to balance the demands of a heavy training schedule, with that of a busy work life.

Emerging from this process is our ground breaking program which we provide purely online. Incorporating the three disciplines of swim, bike and run. This world first is taking the triathlon community by storm.  Become part of the movement and shift your thinking to the new paradigm so cyou can ”Be Your Best". 


With the knowledge gained from our original athlete's, the Pilates For Sports program has been successfully expanded to encompass a range of exciting new sports. For the first time athlete's can access a fully customized program for their favourite sport, knowing that the program will help them to improve their performance, whilst reducing the chance of pain and injury.



Be Your Best 

Official partner of USA Triathlon, USA Track & Field, USA Cycling, Cycling Australia, Tri Vic, Team Vic 

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