"Kona has been a dream since starting triathlon 2 years ago. At the beginning of 2018, I decided to step up and make that dream happen!. This is my story". 

The Plan 

Despite all the hard work towards the three disciplines, my coach added Pilates For Sports to my programme for strength and conditioning. PFS has not only wired my swim, bike and run together, but has also helped with my flexibility and overall strength and stability.


The Challenge  

I have noticed phenomenal results across the board.

At the beginning of the year I had burcitis and struggled to get through my swim sets pain free. Pilates for Sports not only solved this problem, but has also helped me increase flexibility through my chest and shoulders, as well as creating strength through my latts to pull through the water. This resulted in pain free sessions and HUGE pbs come race day.

The Power 

When riding the flexibility I have gained has helped me sit comfortably in a more aero time trial position, and the strengthening has helped me utilise all of my muscles, which has increased my consistency and power on the bike. 


The Strength  

PFS has had a big impact on my run strength. Being able  to hold up tall and strong throughout every run session, I now use my Pilates powerhouse  (shoulders down, belly in, squeeze your butt). Not only big results in the numbers side of my run, but getting through those long runs pain free with no sore hips or lower back pain, simply having that stable powerhouse is a great feeling.


The Result

Race day in WA was incredible to get through my first Ironman start to finish. Having a swim time with a faster pace than previous 70.3 races not even a year ago.  A consistent bike for the whole 180km, sitting comfortably with no pain or fluctuation in numbers, exactly as planned.

My biggest goal for the run, to ensure my powerhouse was locked on through the whole marathon to prevent dropping technique, as fatigue set in. 

Achieving this created a strong and happy run, with no stand out soreness and a dream come true, qualifying for Kona 2019. 

What might be

These past 10 weeks has helped me improve significantly across all three disciplines, by making me aware of switching on the muscles needed to get the best out of my body. Using the powerhouse effectively throughout the swim, bike and run to produce more strength and stability from start to finish in each training session.

Just because my goal of reaching Kona is done,  doesn't mean this is where my  Pilates journey will come to an end. I am still only at the beginning and seeing these improvements to help me achieve my future goals, but also having that extra strength and conditioning to help prevent injury and keep my body balanced. Not only have I learnt how important all of this is for my body, I have had so much fun doing it.

Pilates has been one of the best investments into my training. 

Jess Knight 

Pilates for Sports Ambassador

My journey to Kona

Learn how Pilates For Sports has helped me achieve my triathlon goals.




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