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Online workouts with your very own instructor. This is Pilates of the highest order. 

Customized for you 

  • Choose your sport and goals you want to achieve
  • Receive a custom training plan designed by us and tailored to you
  • Pilates workouts tailored to your goals 
  • Personal Pilates instructor at your fingertips
  • Develop healthy habits and achieve your goals!

Fit to your schedule 

  • Reschedule workouts in an instant by simply dragging and dropping
  • Receive reminders to complete daily activities 
  • Add extra workouts or activities for an additional challenge!

In-App messaging

  • Message your instructor directly within the app
  • Receive updates on your training plan
  • Get tips, recommendations and motivation to achieve your best
  • Ask questions and receive feedback on your training

Check your progress


  • Track your workouts
  • Measure your success through 'before & after' photo integration, amount of weight lost and more
  • Monitor vital statistics such as heart rate and blood pressure

Stay connected

  • Create and join groups with friends, set challenges and motivate each other!
  • Link to your social media channels and follow us to keep updated
  • Integrate with your favourite smart devices, including FitBit, Apple Watch, MyFitness Pal and Withings Health Mate

Feel great  

  • Core strength 
  • Improved posture 
  • Good form 
  • Reduced pain 
  • Improved performance 

Take the next step 

  • Make the change with core strength  
  • Feel the difference good form can make
  • Achieve your sporting goals 
  • Be your best with Pilates For Sports

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