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As a coach you're constantly developing programs to enable your athletes to achieve their goals. You are also aware of how important good form is to reducing injuries, and enabling an athlete to achieve maximum power output. But, did you know that posture can impact an athletes ability to swim, bike and run with good form? For example: tight rounded shoulders will impact swimming stroke and breathing efficiency, while tight hip flexors impact the ability to engage the glutes which means less power production in the bike and run . They can also lead to ITB pain. 

The team at Pilates for Sports are here to help you determine whether your athletes have any postural issues. Then, we can help further via our online strength and conditioning program, which has been designed to strengthen the core and balance the muscles, so that your athlete has a posture that enables good form. 



Pilates for Sports triathlon has been designed to support the athletes training and is easily integrated into the weekly program you design for them. Check out Coach Nathans interview about integrating Pilates for Sports into your athletes program


"Pilates For Sports has opened my eyes to what is possible. It compliments Triathlon and makes you a better athlete and coach. I couldn't recommend it highly enough". 


Nathan Shearer

Pro-Triathlete & Coach 

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100% Online 

Pilates For Sports is the coaches new best friend. 

It's short, with a maximum of 30 minutes for a workout and its all online, which makes it easy to incorporate into your athlete's program. 

It will increase your athlete's core strength and muscle balance, teaching them to be aware of their form, resulting in reduced pain and the likelihood of injury. This means they can get the most out of the training you set for their swim, bike and run. 


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