Common mistakes when transitioning to standing

Aug 17, 2018
  • TIP - Common mistakes when transitioning to standing 

Did you know that if you use your arms to pull yourself up out of the saddle you will lose speed?  Check out this training tip to see how Pilates for Sports and 10PFS can help you transition to standing, with minimal impact on your speed 

How Pilates is helping Jess & Trent  "IM 70.3 Worlds"


WEEK 3 - Jess
This week I noticed a big jump in my training after doing exercises to control glute and hamstring activation, and again getting stronger and stronger with activating my powerhouse ! Out on the bike I’m starting to recognise the difference when my powerhouse is activated as apposed to when it’s not. Now I have noticed this big difference its just a matter of getting stronger to be able to maintain this activation. Again in my long run this week being able to maintain and control my zone 1-2 heart rate at a faster more consistent pace. Just two weeks ago running the same route keeping the exact same average heart rate but dropping the pace by 10 seconds per km and it felt much easier to maintain. 

WEEK 3 - Trent
I feel the more I do Pilates the better I am bouncing back through the week from sessions. I am more flexible and more stronger than ever before. As well as I am finding that my run is coming through better than ever just being able to have full body strength getting me a new Pb over the 5 k run distance with the only thing changing is just being consistent with Pilates. I can’t wait to see what results I can keep on producing. 


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