Strengthen your core to produce more power with less pain

Oct 28, 2020

You take up a new sport. You improve. You continually increase the volume of the training.

However, eventually, the benefits received from increased training will plateau, or can even cause your performance to go backwards if you overtrain. 

So what can be done apart from increasing the volume of training to help you produce more power, go faster, hit harder, kick and throw further??

The answer is improving core strength, developing balanced muscles and then focusing on improving your form:

  • Improving core strength improves your stability and enables you to produce more power
  • Strong, balanced, flexible muscles around the joints will enable more efficient powerful movement
  • Now think about how you are moving? Is your technique correct or can you improve it by engaging your core and developing strong balanced muscles.

Pilates for Sports will help you to achieve all of these goals and give you the technique tips you need to improve your form... you’ll perform better with less pain!

Try the Pilates For Sports 7-day free trial now to see how our customised programs can help you.

Noeleen O'Shea is the co-founder of Pilates for Sports, an online training program designed to improve your core strength, muscle balance and technique so that you can perform better at your sport with less pain, more power.


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