Power & Stability on the bike

athlete Aug 16, 2018

TIP - Keeping your hips stable on the bike

Have you seen the cyclist whose hips move from side to side with each pedal stroke? Are you that cyclist? An efficient rider has a strong stable pelvis which enables them to direct the maximum amount of power they generate down into the pedals. If you have an unstable pelvis you are losing power via the movement of your pelvis. Check out this training tip to see how Pilates for Sports and 10PFS can help you develop a stable pelvis so you can go faster. 

How Pilates is helping Jess & Trent  


WEEK 1 - Jess
After doing Pilates for a number of weeks at home it was great to begin Pilates in the studio with Noels, to help guide and ensure I was engaging my powerhouse correctly and keeping it engaged throughout the exercises. I could see how this was going to not only help across all three disciplines in triathlon, but also in maintaining good posture in my day to day job as a hairdresser to prevent injury when training and racing.

WEEK 1 - Trent
I had been doing Pilates at home for a couple of weeks and decided to finish my build into worlds with the help of Noel’s and head into the studio. First up it’s the best decision you will ever make DO IT!!! You will not regret it and it will be the best decision you ever make. Biggest improvement first week was just doing the exercises properly you need that expert advice to help you make the most of the exercises and turn on those powerhouse muscles. ‚Äč

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