Why shoulders down is important

athlete Aug 17, 2018

TIP - Why keeping your shoulders down is important

If you ride with your shoulders up around your ears or rolled forward, it is having a few negative impacts on your performance. Did you know that this rounded shoulders posture:
  • can cause back and neck pain
  • can make it harder to breathe
  • can lead yo an unstable shoulder girdle and that all of these can impact your performance.
Check out this training tip to see how Pilates for Sports and 10PFS can help you to develop a strong stable shoulder girdle, experience less pain and go faster. 

How Pilates is helping Jess & Trent "IM 70.3 Worlds"  


WEEK 2 - Jess
By the second week I noticed a big difference in my training across the swim, bike and run. This week mainly in my long run as fatigue started to set in remembering and focusing on switching on my powerhouse by sucking the tummy in and squeezing my butt, to really lift my posture through the upper body and keep my breathing controlled. This helped me keep my run feeling strong and smooth, with a controlled heart rate from start to finish.​

WEEK 2 - Trent
Week two we went through some bike strength based exercises and how to implement this in real world. I got to try this out on my long ride, once you focus on connecting the powerhouse your body seems to just do the rest for you. It really is the little things you pick up from these sessions that can be the extra ten percent you get on race day and these are helping me massively in all three sports. those powerhouse muscles. ​

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