Apr 10, 2019


“I have put a lot of effort into my endurance, but not into correct form. I feel that I am wasting energy”

Triathletes are time poor. As they become more serious about their performance, they look for ways to improve their power and speed. This will usually involve increasing the frequency and distance of their sessions. Initially, increasing the volume will correlate to increases in performance as their cardiovasular and muscle strength improves. However, they will eventually reach a point of dimishing returns, and if overtraining occurs it can actually have a negative impact on performance.

 So, if training volume is no longer providing the improvements required, where can an athlete go to get that extra increase in performance? The answer is that they need to look at improving their technique.

This may seem obvious but for many, learning to swim, ride and run was something that happened when they were young children, and riding as an adult is simply the same thing, but with increased speed and volume.

A good technique enables the triathlete to use their energy as efficiently as possible, in order to perform well. That means optimising theirtechnique allowing them to produce maximum power.

This is where the Pilates for Sports helps. Our 10 week challenge is designed to:
- create awareness about your current form
-to educate you about good form
-and to use technique training and  Pilates workouts to improve core strength, muscle balance, flexibility and power transfer so that you can go faster for longer in your swim bike and run  



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