Improve your shoulder stability, improve your power!

Oct 14, 2020

When we talk about core strength we are referring to a persons torso – everything from the shoulders to the butt.

So, in order to produce maximum stability and therefore maximum power output you need:

  • Shoulder stability
  • Core strength in the abdominals
  • Pelvic Stability

Let’s look at shoulder stability in a bit more detail.

The shoulders form the top of the powerhouse. When the shoulders are open and drawn down away from the ears, they are in a strong stable position. This is the position we want in Pilates, in our training and in our everyday lives.

Many athletes have tight shoulder girdles and muscle imbalance. There are a number of impacts to the from this posture.

Firstly, it can lead to a tight back and neck, which can cause pain when training and in every day life. 

Secondly, having a posture where your shoulders are rolled forwards makes it harder to breathe. 

Finally, the imbalanced muscles make it hard for the arms to move quickly without moving the whole body – it impacts a persons shoulder stability.

Pilates can help the athlete by making them aware of what their shoulders are currently doing, and then teaching them what their shoulders should be doing.

Try the following to see just how big a difference good shoulder stability can make:

Poor Shoulder Position – Poor Shoulder Stability

Stand in front of a mirror. Raise your shoulders and let them roll forward. This is a poor shoulder posture that leads to instability. 

Good Shoulder Position - Good Shoulder Stability

Now, draw your shoulders down away from your ears and open the chest. This is the correct position we want for shoulders in order to have a strong stable base and reduced upper back and neck pain – this is what produces maximum power.

Pilates Delivers Good Shoulder Stability

Pilates develops strong balanced muscles in the shoulder girdle. It’s also important to note that learning to properly engage your shoulders during Pilates teaches you to train, compete and live your life with a correct shoulder position.

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