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Oct 10, 2018

TIP - Why is good style so important for your pedal stroke 

How would your pedal stroke benefit from an improved style on the bike?
One way to improve your pedal stroke is learning to ride with a stable pelvis so that all the power you generate is directed into the pedals. The Pilates Powerhouse produces the stability you need. 
Here are a couple of things to try when you are out riding:
firstly, use your powerhouse checklist: shoulders down, belly in and squeeze your butt to anchor your body in the bike seat. Try this when riding and during seated climbing and be aware of the power you generate.
Now contrast this. Don't use your powerhouse, let your body wobble around in the saddle as you ride - be aware of the loss of power that is produced when cycling with poor form.
Then, once again use your powerhouse to anchor yourself to the seat.
This process will clearly highlight the difference your powerhouse makes in power production.   To learn how to engage and strengthen your powerhouse start your 10PFS journey now

How Pilates is helping Jess & Trent compete in the "IM 70.3 Worlds"  


WEEK 5&6 - Jess
OUCH ! Today involved lots of strength and stability exercises to help with our bike/run. Lots of glute , hamstring and ankle exercises using the chair focusing on keeping the powerhouse controlled and stable throughout! This has brought massive awareness to keep my technique stable which results in strength through training and racing. As we continue to do these exercises in studio and at home the strength will keep building and I cannot wait to see the results start to show when I’m riding and can maintain this technique throughout my bike sessions :) ‚Äč

WEEK 5&6 - Trent
I’m going to chuck week 5/6 together to show why Pilates is definitely something to bring into your program. Week 5 consisted of a lot of chair exercises which targeted the glute, hamstring and ankle strength. Now not everything is positive in training but using Pilates to find weaknesses throughout your body is the perfect way to target these areas and getting them stronger. I found during one of the exercises “mountain climbers” that my ankle strength was definitely struggling. Using Noel’s knowledge to give me some exercises to do during the week to target some strength in the ankle I came back week 6 and gave this exercise another crack. I got through 32 reps each leg with a lot more ease it’s these small improvements each week that are going to paint the bigger picture on race day. 


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