Climb harder

Sep 19, 2018

TIP - Climb Harder as you stand up  

Attack those hills like never before, with your powerhouse engaged. 
After watching the video, here are a couple of things to try when you are out riding:
First, use the Pilates powerhouse checklist: shoulders down, belly in, squeeze your butt... This week your focus is on standing climbing. Here are a couple of things to try when you are out riding:
Concentrate on actively engaging your powerhouse when out of the saddle to stabilise your body . Now, contrast this.....
Don't use your powerhouse, and see how it feels to stand and climb with no stability - you'll find you wobble around a lot and there's a whole lot of wasted energy!
Then, once again, stand and climb with good form - use your powerhouse to stabilise your body. Be aware of how using your powerhouse lets you generate more power with less effort. Show me the hills!!!.

How Pilates is helping Jess & Trent compete in the "IM 70.3 Worlds"  


WEEK 4 - Jess
Another WOW this week ! With previous shoulder issues from bad posture at work today and weakness in the pool / fatigue leading to poor technique. We worked on lots of swim focus exercises, which left me leaving the session with a more open chest and activating the lats keeping my shoulders pulled down and back. Straight into the pool just a few hours after this session noticing a massive difference being able to focus on swimming ‘strong’ as appose to trying to swim fast but getting nowhere, besides wasting energy! Same with the bike/run only a matter of time at Pilates to gain more strength through the powerhouse to be able to maintain this consistency throughout sessions.

WEEK 4 - Trent
Absolutely loved this week we changed up to do some more stability and core strength based work. Absolutely killed me but I am getting stronger and more flexible with every session, and actually surprising myself with what I am able to now do with the help of Noel’s guidance.


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