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Why choose Pilates For Sports

Be the go to teacher for athletes and grow your Pilates business.

USA Triathlon

First and only Pilates program endorsed by USA Triathlon and used successfully by world champions. 

Technique Training

Learn what good technique is for athlete's who run, swim and cycle, and how great form can help

New Repertoire

Discover the Pilates exercises that will deliver great form, with linkages to each sport 

Studio Delivery

Teach Pilates For Sports to athletes with confidence and help them improve

Who is it for?

What sports are covered in Pilates For Sports.

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How does it work?

Studio Pilates

Become certified to deliver the world's first Pilates program endorsed USA Triathlon

Technique Training

The course starts with the movement patterns in each sport, exploring the benefits of good form and the negative impacts that poor from can have on an athlete's performance. Efficiency is the key and Pilates can play a significant role in helping each athlete improve and achieve their personal best. 

Pilates Exercises

With good form the focus, Pilates workouts are provided to help the athlete find their powerhouse, so this can be applied when out riding. ‚ÄčThe result being a smooth and efficient pedal stroke, helping the cyclist go faster, whilst reducing injuries.

Studio Delivery

To assist with easy delivery into your studio , we also provide you with class plans,  and an articulated Initial Consultation - all designed to help your clients get the most out of their workouts.  With this knowledge in-hand you can now reach out to a whole new audience.  

How Champions Train

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"The Pilates For Sports course is not just another run of the mill workshop. It is clear that they have put a lot of thought and effort into this course and it shows. There is a huge amount of content in which not only the delivery by Noeleen was excellent, but everything from the text book to the online study is first class! I was interested to see how they approached the relationship between cycling and pilates, which they did skillfully, and whether any cycling experience was needed to deliver the content. You can be rest assured it is not needed as they have all bases covered and you'll walk away confident with your ability to deliver. "

Kane Hamilton
Pilates Instructor, Australia

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Pilates For Sports Triathlon 

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