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Is this you?

When you train or compete do any of these issues affect your performance?

If you answered yes to any of these, then Pilates for Sports could be the solution you've been looking for. Start now with your 7 day free trial, or learn more by taking our free Postural Assessment. 


Why choose Pilates For Sports Triathlon

Core Strength

Build strong and balanced muscles for multi-sport events

Injury Reduction

Locate and fix weaknesses which can hold you back

Improved Technique

Discover good form for your swim, bike and run



"PFS has had a big impact on my run strength. Being able  to hold up tall and strong throughout every run session, I now use my Pilates powerhouse  (shoulders down, belly in, squeeze your butt). Not only big results in the numbers side of my run, but getting through those long runs pain free with no sore hips or lower back pain, simply having that stable core is a great feeling."  
Jess Knight  PFS Ambassador

Who is it for?

Ideal for first timers and experienced triathletes.

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How does it work?

Online Pilates

For just $19 USD/month your membership provides access to Pre-season, Short course, Long course and Fix my Body.


You can start here to build the very foundation of your core strength. This 10 week program consists of Pilates workouts, each designed to create strong and balanced muscles. 

Short Course

Ideal for both first time and experienced athletes. We provide 10 and 20 week training plans, that deliver pilates workouts to prepare you for your next event. Explosive power and speed is the focus here, with the added benefit of injury reduction.

Long Course

With the long course in mind the focus here is endurance and recovery, with the core engaged and stable throughout. Two training plans are provided with a 10 week and 20 week program, each designed to help you prepare for your next big race.

Fix My Body

In the off season or between races, target key areas of concern that might be holding you back. Issues such as; tight shoulders, lower back pain, weak glutes and many more are included. 

To see how the program works, watch one of the videos for each sport.


"I started PFS in February this year and have done 2 out of the 3 Ironman events I targeted for 2019. I shaved one hour off my first one. Thanks PFS and looking to shave one more hour in my next race. "

Brett Hayes
USA Triathlon Member

"Since starting PFS in February, I’ve dropped an average of a minute off my running pace and, more importantly, running feels great again. There were days when everything hurt even at a slow pace. My runs this summer have been joyful. Although I wasn’t sure about paying for the program after the initial free period, I think it was a great investment. Certainly, it has helped me more than a new bike or wetsuit for a fraction of the cost."

Suzanne Libra
USA Triathlon Member

"I have noticed phenomenal results across the board. At the beginning of the year I had bursitis and struggled to get through my swim sets pain free. Pilates for Sports not only solved this problem but, has also helped me increase flexibility through my chest and shoulders, as well as creating strength through my latts to pull through the water. This resulted in pain free sessions and huge pbs come race day."

Jess Knight
AUS - Triathlete

"Swimming- At my annual swim test of 1000 yards, I have to admit, I had not been swimming more than once a week this winter because it was “COLD in Tucson” but it was warm inside to do Pilates. (Side note, I do believe the program was built for people like me! Convenient, on line and can be done, anytime and anywhere, Pilates for Sports.) Back to swimming, after the 1000 yards, I reviewed my time and was shocked that I posted the same time, as my end of season time, with 2 less swims a week. (Note: You can tell Gerry this at Tower 26) What was the difference, Pilates for Sports! I KNOW for a fact, my technique has improved because my rotation of the torso is better which creates a better reach and more POWER!"

Robin Evans-Kramer
USA Triathlon Ambassador

How Champions Train

Powerhouse Performance

Learn how Pilates For Sports can help you develop a strong and stable core, so you can compete with great form and fewer injuries. 

Jess Knight 
Kona Qualifier 2019


Not sure if Pilates For Sports is for you? Complete our free online postural assessment to help discover your best form, and how we can help.

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