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My name is Rachel, I am a coach, writer, speaker and athlete. Recently I started the Pilates For Sports program and this is my journey so far.


Rachel Sears Casanta, a former professional triathlete, is an endurance sport coach working with runners, cyclists, triathletes and multisport athletes.  Rachel is the co-owner of Hypercat Racing (endurance sports coaching company) and Hypercat Cycleworks (bike fitting and full service bike shop) based in Ventura, Calif.    


Rachel earned a Master’s degree in Sport Management from the University of San Francisco. She completed her undergraduate study at Syracuse University and earned a bachelor’s degree in TV/Radio/Film Production from the renowned S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications and International Relations at the Maxwell School of Public Administration.  She maintains coaching certifications from USA Triathlon (Level III & Youth & Junior), USA Cycling (Level II), Ironman University, Slowtwitch Coaching Power Certification, Training Peaks (Level II) A.C.E.  and is a Precision Nutrition Level I Certified Coach. 



These exercises are helping me pinpoint a problem area that I have. When my left arm is extended overhead I have pain in the shoulder. I'm not sure when/how it was caused or exactly what it is. However, I'm using this program as a way to further identify the issue and see if with proper movement, stretching etc if it fades away. Since I have had a significant gap in any serious swim training until recently (years with babys, post elite/pro retirement), I know it wasn't caused by swim training, unless it was an old over use issue. The pain existed prior to my re-entry into some mellow swim training. Let's see how it goes. :)


I already am finding myself correcting my shoulders when on the bike. Awareness is the first step!

Excellent session. No doubt this is what I need. Moving through the range of motion with proper form cues. It will be interesting to see how my shoulders and overall feel of control (of my body) improves in the coming weeks and months. :-)

Today was "fix my hip flexors & strengthen my glutes." Yet again, more insight on where I need to be working and focusing. :)

I'll be working on this daily. On a ride today, I found myself working on "shoulders down"...they were actually pushed forward and probably have been for a bit. I'm starting to get into a groove with the routine, and will really be working on this shoulder area.

I appreciate your support!

What a terrific solution for athletes who most definitely need the guidance and support that your programs provide!


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